RV Education 101 is proud to work with The New England RV Dealer's Association. NERVDA works extremely hard to provide potential RV owners and RV enthusiasts with educational resources, and a great selection of RVs and reputable RV dealerships to choose from throughout the New England states. Great People, Great Fun!

Mark Polk, Co-Owner
RV Education 101

NERVDA is a key resource for Campers Inn, and it touches every part of our business. From the shows NERVDA holds to the training for service personnel, NERVDA helps ensure that Campers Inn remains highly competitive in the market.

Ben Hirsch
Chief Operating Officer
Campers Inn

Paragon Group, an event management company which also produces the New England International Auto Show, and NERVDA have established an extremely successful partnership to produce the Boston RV & Camping Expo at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. The show allows current and prospective RVers to experience and choose from a huge range of RV options and to learn about hundreds of campgrounds and associated products and services. The show continues to thrive and grow because of the knowledge, collaborative spirit, professionalism and passion of the NERVDA board and its members.

Carolyn Weston
Group Director, Outdoor Lifestyle Shows
Paragon Group, Inc.

The New Hampshire Campground Owners Association has a very successful long term relationship with NERVDA that has been beneficial for both organizations. We all benefit greatly from the work they are doing to promote the RV and camping industry in New England.

Gregg Pitman
Executive Director
New Hampshire Campground Owners' Association

Consumer studies show that the happiest RV owners are those that purchase a new or used motorhome or travel trailer from a reputable RV dealer. New England RV Dealer Association and national RVDA members are there to help you find the RV that's right for you and provide support after the sale.

Phil Ingrassia, President
National RV Dealers Association

The New England RV Dealers Association plays a critical role in the RV industry by supporting dealers with essential training programs designed to enhance the professionalism of RV dealers and their employees, and to enable members to become full-service RV dealerships. The association also supports consumers by creating opportunities for them to view and learn about recreation vehicles either online or at one of the many RV shows sponsored by NERVDA. By connecting together dealers, consumers, suppliers, manufacturers and campgrounds within a seven-state area, NERVDA is a truly a leader in the RV industry.

Greg Gerber
RV Daily Report

As the manager of Sandy Beach RV Resort the past 10 years, and the president of the New Hampshire Campground Owners Association, I just wanted to say how nice and easy it is to have the New England RV Dealers Association (NERVDA) in our area. They are certainly a professional organization who are always willing to step up to the plate in any way they can to help the local campgrounds out and of course the general public. We wish their new fall show much success and hope to reap the rewards of many new reservations at out campgrounds!! Live Free & GO Camping

Gregg Goldberg
Community Manager
Sandy Beach RV Resort