Podcast 042 – RV Wanderlust Full-Timer Guests

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What if I told you this little fella on the left has already visited 51 National Park Service Units and 21 National Parks, and he won’t be three until December!

His parents, Eric and Brittany Highland are young full-timers in their sixth year of being on the road and chasing that RV Wanderlust. In fact, that’s the name of their website and Facebook page.

All the rules are being broken by the next generation of RVers, and young adults are part of this revolution. Can you imagine being on the road full-time for three years and then welcoming your first child into the family. Young Caspian has been a full-timer since the day he was born in December 2016!

The family is finishing up a tour of New England and spent some time in Maine last week. We’ll catch up with them while they are in Massachusetts this week to learn why they did it, how they did it, and what the future of full-timing looks like for them. Maybe this will be inspiration you need to take the plunge and make that dream come true – earlier than you ever expected.

We are really excited to have Eric and Brittany join us this week. Caspian will not be joining us – it will be past his bedtime.

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