Podcast 212 – RV Unplugged Launches on YouTube

The “big day” is almost here! There has been a lot of buzz around the RV industry on the launch of a new “reality-like” television show produced by NRVTA’s Todd Henson and Tony Flammia. The show, titled RV UNPLUGGED will launch on YouTube this Saturday, March 11.
RV Unplugged is a fresh take on a proven competitive show. RV Unplugged takes one of the fastest growing past times, Off Grid RV Camping, and our tribal nature, and melds them together in one action packed series. This series will put each RVer to the test both mentally and physically. RV Unplugged invites all types of RVs and RVers and puts them against each other to see who will become the next Unplugged champion and walk away with $10,000!!!

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