Podcast 204 – Meet Earl B Hunter, Jr – Founder and President of Black Folks Camp Too!

Earl B. Hunter, Jr is an experienced business leader across multiple industries. He has been widely recognized for his ebullient personality, hard work ethic and non-traditional approach to building relationships and closing deals. He is driven by success and he always plays to win at whatever challenge is presented to him.
Black Folks Camp Too! Is a marketing-driven business whose mission is to increase diversity in the outdoor industry by making it easier, more interesting and more fun for Black folks to go camping.
As the former Vice President of Sales at Sylvansport, Earl grew the business from $1 million to $17.5 million in sales in 4 years, primarily by going on the road to build a network of over 100 RV dealer locations. In doing so, he put over 400,000 miles on the road across North America to work personally with dealership owners and sales teams at their outdoor/ RV events to “drive the business.”
You never had to go “looking” for Earl at an RV show – he would have the largest crowds as he demonstrated RVs and promoted camping and the RV lifestyle for enjoyment in the outdoors. He’s electric! Join us tonight and learn more about his new company and the Unity Blaze logo. “The Campfire” is our oldest tradition, and its warmth is engrained into our DNA. The Unity Blaze forges bonds across all aspects of adventure with the motto, “Treat everyone, everywhere equally.”

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