Podcast 202 – Open Mic Night on RVing in New England

As the camping season gives way to the holiday season, RVers want to discuss the camping world we all enjoy, but see it changing rapidly with new buyers, new products, and new ways to enjoy their RVs. The demographics and age of the average buyer are dropping, luxury RV resorts are being built throughout the country, many campers are opting for Glamping experiences, the younger generations are looking for Boondocking and Overlanding type experiences, the industry is training more service technicians but consumers are still having difficulty getting service appointments, anticipation is building for the early consumer RV shows starting in January with our very own Boston RV & Camping Expo, and some folks just hop in their RV and become snowbirds for a few months to escape the New England winter – might that be you. Join us tonight and let us know what is on your mind and what you want to sound off or talk about.

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