Podcast 195 – RV Challenges with RV Love on RVing in New England

Two of our favorite RV friends are Julie and Marc Bennett of RV Love. Since arriving on the RV scene over ten years ago,, this couple has garnered an incredible following with their wit, wisdom charm and ability to present the RV lifestyle in easy-to-understand terms through their videos and award-winning books. And speaking of books, if you have already started your holiday shopping you will want to pick several of them up for your RVing friends and family members.
Julie and Marc recently posted about busting five common RV myths with real life examples and proof! They will also talk about another blockbuster post about the cost of RVing over eight years, and full-time vs. part-time RV costs.
They don’t just write about the RV lifestyle, they have lived it and their RV Love brand is one of the most respected sources of trustworthy information for new and experienced RVers.

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