Podcast 159 – Every RV Should Have One – Gas Stop on RVing in New England

Very seldom does a product come along where you can honestly say it should be on every RV that has a propane tank on it, or every propane tank you have for your barbeque grill or home heating system. However, we have found one and it is the talk of the industry. An incredibly engineered, affordable and simple to use device that you will want to buy when our show is over tonight, if you haven’t already purchased it.
This isn’t going to be a sales presentation – it will be an informal discussion with Mike Ray, President and Partner at Diversified Power Systems of Clearwater, Florida. It also is not a paid informercial. It will be a frank discussion about propane gas, propane safety, and a device that should be on every RV on the road today and in every parts and accessory store at your favorite NERVDA dealer. Quite simply, it is one of those great products that make you scratch your head and wonder where it has been since propane was first discovered in 1857 by the French chemist Marcellin Berthelot, and it became commercially available in the US by 1911. Propane is one of a group of liquefied petroleum gases (LP gases).
GasStop is a 100% emergency shut-off device for propane gas systems. In the event of a major* leak GasStop will instantly and automatically shut-off the flow of gas. Not only is this device an easy to fit, autonomous must-have safety device, and it also has a useful multipurpose gas pressure indicator. If you use gas, you should use GasStop.
Join us tonight as we discuss everything you would ever want to know about propane and how to protect your family and your investment in your RV while enjoying the RV lifestyle we all love.v

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