Podcast 152 – Open Mic and Boston RV and Camping Expo Tips

The rush of the holiday season is upon us and Thanksgiving is already in the rearview mirror and Christmas out there on the horizon. We have a lot to talk about but want you to drive the conversation tonight. Want to talk about the 2022 consumer shows in New England? How about the rising gas prices – will it impact your camping trips next year? Have you noticed that dealer inventories are up and special deals are out there and they are getting units ready for the Boston RV & Camping Expo. How about holiday gift ideas for your family, friends and camping partners. What would you like to receive this year? What RV gifts will you be giving this year? Is anybody going to put a new RV under that big tree next to your driveway all decorated with holiday lights? Wouldn’t a nice camper van, motorhome, travel trailer or fifth-wheel look great outside your door – and would your family be surprised to see it there?

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