Podcast 134 – RV Inspector – From Retired to Small Business Owner

You have often heard us speaking about the National RV Training Academy and the National RV Inspectors Academy. Well, this week we are going to introduce you to a retired business professional that was an active Rver who decided to learn more about his RV. Along the way he turned it into a second successful career and has now self-published the story that many RVers are going to be able to relate to quite easily.

Win Semmler is extremely happy to announce that his book "From Retired To Small Business Owner" has finally been completed and is now available. The Introduction is written by Steve Anderson, president of Workamper News and co-founder of the National RV Inspectors Association. The book tells the story of how my wife, Joanne, and I went from being happy and satisfied retirees to even happier and more satisfied small business owners of an RV Inspection business. The book can be purchased directly from Amazon and soon from my business website. It is available in either eBook or Paperback format. Join us Wednesday night to learn more Win's journey and how to become an RV Inspector.

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