Podcast 132 – Boston Rob from Survivor on RVing in New England

Boston Rob from the Survivor television series . . .
The millions of Survivor fans know him as "Boston Rob" and they know he married fellow Survivor contestant, Amber Brkich. Rob Mariano is the first and only six-time participant on the hit CBS show, Survivor, and he won the title of "Sole Survivor" on the show's 22nd season "Survivor: Redemption Island". He's also appeared twice on The Amazing Race, along with his wife Amber, winner of "Survivor: All-Stars" (2004).
His latest challenge is an RV trip with the family, and they are one week through the three-week adventure. They will join us Wednesday from the road to tell us all about the trip and the impact it has had on their family to see this wonderful country up close and personal from an RV – just like many of our fans do every week.
Join us this week for this fun show and conversation with these two "survivors" and bring your best questions about their road trip and the experiences along the way. They are in New York City right now and will head down the east coast to Florida – where they now live – when they hit the road again. Boston Rob meets Bob & John – it doesn't get any better than that for an RV enthusiast!

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