Podcast 130 – Camping Alternatives on RVing in New England

We have an exciting show lined up this week as we kickoff our third season of RVing in New England. How many times have you said, I just want a safe, clean and affordable place to sleep while traveling down the highway? Let’s face it, we all have!
Join us as we have an informal conversation with Jim Turntine, the owner/developer of the RV Self Park concept. In fact, it has gone from concept to reality and if you are traveling in Missouri you could be one of the first RVers in the country to try it out.
I’m sure our fans will have a lot of questions and feedback for Jim as he explains how he came up with idea and how he is making it happen. He will also discuss his plans for other locations along America’s highways and byways.
And it took an RVer to do it. We all know most of the great ideas in RVs and campgrounds come from veteran RVers who solve the challenges of the lifestyle and make it easier for others.

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