Podcast 122 – Randy Murray Returns on RVing in New England

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Our guest this week is Randy Murray, Director of Service at Pete's RV Centers.

Baseball has returned, flowers are blooming, good weather is arriving and that can only mean one thing, we better get Randy Murray back on the show to make sure you kick off the camping season the right way. And that means understanding all the things you should be checking out, making appointments for service work, and doing some spring cleaning inside and outside your RV.

We want everyone to enjoy trouble-free camping, but it doesn’t come automatically and these hand-made pieces of mobile enjoyment and camping under the stars do need some TLC to be READY when you are ready to hit the road.

Randy is a YouTube rock star with his helpful videos on a myriad of topics and is the Director of Service for the five Pete’s RV Centers from New England to Indiana. You get to have his undivided attention for a full hour tonight between 7-8PM right here on our NERVDA Facebook page. Tune in and get ready to tune up your RV.

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