Podcast 116 – The Role of the Independent/Mobile RV Tech

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Have Tools Will Travel - The role of the independent/mobile RV technician in our industry today!
Record sales in 2020 and a forecast that says we will break that record again this year and that means a MILLION new RVers looking for service and support so that they can enjoy the RV lifestyle.

We have a tremendous legion of independent and mobile RV technicians around the country who can supplement the services provided by our dealers, handle remote warranty repairs, focus on specialized aspects of our business such as propane, electrical systems and the new sophisticated technology built into entertainment and control systems onboard RVs.
Ryan Hadley (Holden, MA) reached out to NERVDA and wanted to join the association to get recognition for his new business and serve RVers and dealers in keeping our owners happy and on the road. There are many more technicians like Ryan out there and we should welcome them and support the role they play in our industry today.

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