Podcast 114 – Changing Campground Landscapes

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THE CHANGING CAMPGROUND LANDSCAPE Increased demand for RVs puts pressure on campgrounds
We don’t have to tell experienced RVers how challenging it can be to get reservations at their favorite campground. The incredible increase of first-time buyers is an entirely different story - their experience in learning about RVs and the campground industry is the proverbial equivalent to drinking from a fire hose.
Mia Caetano Johnson is a well-respected broker who only deals with campground owners that want to sell and consumers or business entities wanting to buy or build a campground or RV resort.
What are consumers looking for as the demographics change quickly to a younger profile? What makes a campground an excellent prospect to sell, or an attractive property for someone to buy. We are also seeing a ten-year high in commercial real estate investment trusts taking a serious look at campground investments as commercial building investments lose their luster.

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