Podcast 095 – Protecting your RV Investment with EasyCare

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Protecting your RV Investment How Dealers Can Help You Understand your Options

Do you own an RV? Are you thinking about buying an RV? Do you know the options dealers have available to make sure you protect your investment in an RV and the RV lifestyle? This week we talk to NERVDA Associate Member, EasyCare, and their RV Brand Manager, Walt Burns. This will be a discussion of various plans available to consumers from the dealer you buy your RV from. It is an educational and informative discussion of the important things you should know about protecting your investment and making sure you get the most benefit and enjoyment from your RV, whether you only camp on weekends or you are a full-timer. The type of protection you need will vary with your usage of the RV, and Walt will help you sort through the maze of options available in today’s market.

Depending on the questions from our great fans, Walt has teed up some of the most important issues that come up at rallies and visits to our NERVDA dealers all around New England.
Protecting your recreational vehicles and your memories. Why purchasing coverage from your dealer is important.
Important considerations on the type and quality of products and services available.
Vehicle service contracts – Benefits and Value
Exterior and Interior Protection –Protecting your RV from the elements, pets and children too!.
Prepaid Maintenance – Maintaining your RV and saving money.

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