Podcast 094 – Pandemic Affects Care Camps charity facing $1,000,000 shortfall

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There are many stories about the impact of the pandemic on many charitable causes in our local communities and on the national stage. One of those charities that is near and dear to the camping communities and RV industry is Care Camps, a wonderful non-profit organization that sends kids with cancer to camps for smiling vacations away from the daily pressures of fighting cancer at such a young age. Yes, we all have friends and relatives who have suffered and died from cancer, and yes, we are making significant progress in fighting this dreaded disease. However, the pain and heartache are much more severe when it affects the children of our loved ones.
The charity is facing $1,000,000 shortfall after the forced cancellation of its three biggest annual fundraisers, along with the COVID regulations impacting hundreds of campgrounds across the nation that typically do their own fundraisers to support Care Camps.. The RV industry is stepping in to help replace the deficit and provide funding for future growth and expansion as more kids survive the diagnosis and need to have that great outdoor experience that Care Camps provide to them at campgrounds around the country.
NERVDA will also be stepping up, along with Level 5 Advertising, to support programs being developed that will allow RV dealers to become engaged with Care Camps.
Join us Wednesday evening as we discuss the organization, the great work they do for kids with cancer, and her plans to work through the pandemic and come out stronger and more financially stable due to the generosity of campers and RV companies.

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