Podcast 093 – Full-Timers and Athletes Jeff and Deb Spencer

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When I reached out to Jeff and Deb Spencer to see if they would like to join us for a conversation on how they approached their full-timing life and what they are doing on this journey. They were busy when we connected – they were in between completing the 488-mile Colorado Trail and the Grand Canyon R2/R3 (Rim to Rim….. to possibly another Rim) in under 24 hours! Not exactly something most RVers undertake while enjoying the RV lifestyle. We didn’t realize they were also triathletes and outdoors enthusiasts chasing their dreams from the road!

The Spencer’s have been planning the mobile life for over 25 years. Their vision was to "travel the US in a 5th wheel”….7 years ago they did a proof of concept and launched part time in a travel trailer. They now travel full time in a 5th wheel.

Join us as they tell us about their journey and the “easy” things they do while on the road to stay in shape. They are frequent speakers at RV shows, rallies and events as representatives for Dometic, a name that every RVer is quite familiar with. We’ll talk about some of the new Dometic products that are improving the quality of life on the road with products that impact your climate, food & beverage, power & control, safety & security and hygiene & sanitation needs.

After the show you will want to follow them on their very popular blog, Rolling Recess at https://rollingrecess.com/.

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