Podcast 086 – Guests Cherie and Chris of Mobile Internet Resource Center

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We could never do them justice with just a one-hour conversation with Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy of Technomadia, also creators of the tremendously popular Mobile Internet Resource Center.

Chris was the Director of Competitive Analysis (aka 'spy') for Palm & PalmSource (remember the Palm Pilot?) where it was his job to constantly stay on top of every aspect of the mobile industry. Before that, he was the founding technical editor of boot magazine.

Cherie has been self-employed and location independent since the early 90s as a software developer, project manager, author, niche tech magazine publisher, instructor, strategy consultant and product launch specialist.

With a lifelong thirst for wanderlust, Cherie and Chris met in 2006 and have traveled together full time in both RVs and boats since then - continuing to work remotely.

Bring all your connectivity questions, challenges and even your frustrations and learn from the experts. They were co-hosts in Season 1 of The RVers television show and have been featured in Living the RV Life book and on the most popular blogs, podcasts and industry events in their 14 years on the road. Join us and get real information from real experts on Internet Connectivity. Share this information with your RVing friends and family.

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