Podcast 078 – Andy Robinowitz of Social Knowledge

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Many RV enthusiasts engage with one of the many RV communities under the Social Knowledge umbrella and probably don’t know the man or the story behind the site they often frequent.

What if you could ask one question to Andy Robinowitz, the founder of Social Knowledge and home to 32 RV-related websites and forums that communicate with their 1,000,000 members every day. What would that question be?

Well, this week you have that opportunity and hopefully you will join us and ask Andy himself.

Andy founded the company 20 years ago with an Airstream Forum, but you may know some of his more popular communities like: RV Life, RV Trip Wizard, DIYRV, Campground Reviews and the very popular iRV2 forum. Learn how he created sites that have generated over 1.5 million discussions and over 15,000,000 posts by members of his many RV communities. Get your questions ready, this is going to be fun!

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