Podcast 069 – How Water and Heating Technology for your RV

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How many times have you run out of hot water in your RV? Truma, with a long history of innovative water and heater systems in Germany and Europe entered the U.S. market in 2013. With a deliberate slow business development plan, the company quietly introduced their products to RV manufacturers, established a headquarters in Elkhart, and built an infrastructure for sustained growth after setting up customer service and training on day one.

The RV consumer now understands what “instant, continuous hot water” means and if they have a Truma system on their RV, they simply don’t run out of hot water. Learn all about the Truma water and heating systems from the consumer’s perspective. Many of our NERVDA dealers are already trained to service Truma systems and they can replace your current system before you head out to the campground this year.

This will be a discussion of hot water and heating technologies that are improving the quality of your RVing experience.

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