Podcast 039 – Campground Owner and Dedicated Volunteer – Brian Saunders

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The answer is really simple: very important! We have a unique opportunity this week to speak with a campground owner and a dedicated volunteer on the Board of the Massachusetts Association of Campground Owners, Brian Saunders.

NERVDA works closely with our campground friends throughout New England. Let’s face it, whether or not an RVer has a great RVing experience often depends on what happens in the campground, not on the dealer’s lot. Understanding the relationship between the dealer, the consumer, and the campground will make sure we have happy campers out there.

We will talk about the challenges and rewards of owning a campground, his passion for the outdoor hospitality industry, his volunteer efforts with MACO, and his willingness to now take his talents and dedication to the national level as he runs for the Area 1 Representative seat on the ARVC Board of Directors.

So, we have plenty to talk about with Brian, please join us Wednesday night.

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