Podcast 037 – FMCA’s Chris Smith

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RV owners from throughout North America — members of FMCA, the world’s largest not-for-profit association for RV owners — will head to North Dakota August 14-17 in celebration of an FMCA convention milestone, “Magic Minot — 100 Times The Fun” - the theme for FMCA’s 100th International Convention and RV Expo. Attendees will participate in a multitude of activities designed to enhance the RV lifestyle. Leading the transformation of FMCA is Chris Smith, who will be our guest this week. Chris is the Executive Director and Chief Financial officer of the association. Chris began his career in the RV industry when he was tapped by FMCA — a not-for-profit RV owners association — to serve as director of administrative services/controller in August 2013.

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