Normandy Farms Camping Resort as seen on ROTV

Hi, Michelle and Laurie, and we're here in Foxborough, Massachusetts to visit one of the top campgrounds in New England. Let's catch up with Marcia Galvin of Normandy Farms Family Camping RV Resort.

Marcia Galvin: You came on a weekend that we're having a big rally, so there's lots of stuff going on out there. But I'm going to bump you back a little bit and tell you about the history of Normandy Farms. We're currently on the ninth generation of Daniels family. We've not always been a campground. It was a working farm back in 1759, when we had our ancestor came over from Normandy, France.

Marcia: We have 100 acres. It started out with 53 acres. And over the course of years and years, it grew to be 100 acres. We're going to be celebrating 260 years of ownership in 2021.

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