Harvest Hosts owner Joel Holland Joins Us!

Joel Holland, CEO of Harvest Hosts, joins us for the 2nd time on this show. Harvest Hosts allows RVers to dry camp at over a 1000 locations across the United States for one membership fee. Over 670 locations and 300 of them are wineries. Others include breweries, museums, farms... and now there is an update which now includes over 300 golf courses! Harvest Hosts purchased RV Golf Club!

The first aha moment is when Joel brings up the good point that you can enjoy more wine than you should and just head back to your RV for the night 😉

Harvest Hosts membership cost is going up on the 1st of the year to $79 a year... still an amazing price for the benefits. AND that includes 300 new destinations added, beautiful golf courses!

Joel explains he feels his competition is not KOA's or traditional campgrounds but perhaps it is the Walmart parking lots. Much nicer for sure. And Walmart parking lots are less and less available.

The awesome news is that current or new members who sign up before the end of the year stay at the $49 price and that does not change as long as membership is kept current!

Be sure to check out the details of Harvest Hosts - it is so unique and fun. Destinations are so varied, so unusual!

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