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Harvest Hosts owner Joel Holland Joins Us!

Joel Holland, CEO of Harvest Hosts, joins us for the 2nd time on this show. Harvest Hosts allows RVers to dry camp at over a 1000 locations across the United States for one membership fee. Over 670 locations and 300 of them are wineries. Others include breweries, museums, farms... and now there is an update…
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Understanding your RV Energy and Power Options

As our RVs become more sophisticated with more technology, understanding your RV energy and power options becomes important. On this NERVDA Live talk show, we spoke to Mike Keller of Keller RV and Marine, about this topic.
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Sealtech Mfg RV Leak Detection Systems Show

If you didn't catch this show live, you just might want to watch this video, especially if you have ever had a leak in your RV. Learn all about RV leaks and how you can test for them for peace of mind when you are enjoying your RV. Meet the owner of Sealtech Manufacturing that…
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