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Hammock Harbour RV Park – An RV and Boating Destination

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Millions of families around the world share the hobbies (some may call them passions) of boating and RVing. We discovered a unique campground where you can combine your love of RVing and boating at the same place and the same time. Its called Hammock Harbour RV Park and its located in Orillia, Ontario, just an hour north of Toronto. This unique facility gives you the combined opportunity to dock your boat directly beside your RV. There are several RVers who tow their boats behind their motorhomes. This friendly family run park even has waterfront cabins and Yurt rentals for those who are boaters but don’t have their RV with them at that particular time. Read the rest of this article […]

NERVDA Live – with Mike and Jennifer Wendland of Roadtreking

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The Subject is Boondocking… with the Wendlands! Mike and Jennifer Wendland of Roadtreking.. RV Lifestyle, joined us on October 31st for a good discussion on boondocking, which is dry camping in your RV. The Wendlands have a huge following on their YouTube channel and create frequent videos, podcasts, etc. on the lifestyle. Their choice of RV is the Class B. Jennifer says she loves the Class B because it’s so easy to drive and park anywhere.. The Wendlands receive so many questions about boondocking that they decided to write an e-book on the subject! Details and pricing of the “Beginner’s Guide to Boondocking” can be found at The book is available for instant download. For more information contact Mike […]

Good Times but what about that ‘Voltage Sag’?


We’ve held off purchasing outside cooking equipment so far for Lacey and we had run out of propane because we didn’t check to see if the frig had turned over to electric when we plugged in. So many lessons we’ve learned even in our short time (as of this writing 8 days total) on the road. SO, we couldn’t use the stove but I wanted to cook breakfast and decided to use our microwave to cook us up a nice big breakfast while Laurie and Kelly sipped coffee on the picnic table. This pic is from the afternoon before 😉 On the menu; bacon, potatoes, eggs, toast, fruit. Taking a bowl lined with paper towels I positioned the bacon and […]

Destination – Covered Bridges in New Hampshire

covered bridges

Two Gals and a Dog, along with friend, Kellie, RV’d to Swanzee, NH recently for this New Hampshire destination. We stayed at the Ashuelot River Campground, peaceful, quiet campground with new owners who are investing and improving. As of 2017, they write that “they have 6 new pull-through water/sewer/electric sites; 9 new riverside water/electric sites; a new bathroom and dish washing station at the north end; and we’ve remodeled the existing bath house!”  Everything was very clean. This video was taken on a Thursday. By Saturday, most of the lots were occupied. The only noise is the highway on the other side of the river, but you can’t see it and it’s not that bad. There are young maple trees on […]

It is Time for Winterizing your RV

winterizing your RV

Well it’s that time of year again in the NorthEast. The leaves are changing color, the nights are colder and Jack Frost will soon be finishing off what’s left of our vegetable and flower gardens minus the mums and the pumpkin patch. This is the time of year where the phone starts ringing at the dealership for winterizing. This is the process where we replace the water in our campers plumbing systems with non toxic anti-freeze to prevent pipes and mixing valves from bursting in freezing weather. Most people trust the RV dealer to use what’s best for their camper when servicing it, this includes the type of antifreeze the dealer uses. There are two types of non toxic antifreeze […]